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 Mission: Develop Stronger, Healthier, Better Equipped nonprofits so they do more of what they do best.

We don't feed the hungry or house the homeless. We don't have a 'sexy' heartstring-pulling type of message that donors are used to, because we don't deliver direct services to those in need. Or do we?
We absolutely do provide direct services BUT to the nonprofit organizations that show up daily to serve our communities. What do we do and why? We are setting Idaho's gold standard for giving. Check out the overview video to learn more. Then, share it with your networks to get others engaged as partners and capacity builders that learn how to make impactful investments that develop stronger, healthier, better equipped Idaho nonprofits.
Here are our big projects in the past few years.

The Glen Allen Project or GAP is a legacy project for a local man named Glen Allen. Idaho Partners for Good supports the Glen Allen Project’s vision and is pleased to serve as fiscal sponsor for the GAP. We invite you to join us in supporting this emerging collaborative with your time, talent and financial contributions.


Idaho Partners for Good supports the Glen Allen Project’s vision and is pleased to serve as fiscal sponsor for the GAP.

Glen Allen Project

A group of IT gifted individuals doing pro bono Web site work for Idaho non profits.


Ongoing efforts with Idaho Non Profits to improve their website presence

IP4G Web Support

Life’s Kitchen is dedicated to transforming the lives of young adults by building self-sufficiency and independence through comprehensive food service and life skills training, placement in the foodservice industry, and continuing education.

"The value the Impact Team delivered to Life's Kitchen is expertise and leadership. They reach out to the IP4G network to bring to the table other individuals who are experts in their area."
Tammy Johnson, Executive Director Life's Kitchen


Lifes Kitchen

Mission: The Boise Bicycle Project promotes the personal, social, and environmental benefits of bicycling. Through inclusive access to refurbished bicycles, repair, and empowering educational experiences, we strive to build a stronger bicycling community.
Vision: We believe that Boise has the potential to be the bicycling capital of America, a place where everyone can experience the freedom and the countless opportunities a bicycle can create.
We will have achieved our vision when…
Every individual regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and ability has access to a bicycle…
Quick, reliable, and affordable bicycle repair is available to all...
Every family in every neighborhood is connected to safe places to ride…
All those who choose to ride and those with no other options can gather and celebrate as one bicycle community…

"This project really helped us address a lot of the issues we were facing, and now that we have those things dialed in we will be able to take some of the next steps to grow, instead of just skipping over them and facing problems down the road." Jimmy Hallyburton, Executive Director


Boise Bicycle Project

Jesse Tree was created in 1999 out of direct conversations with people experiencing homelessness. Our founders asked members of the homeless community how they ended up there, and they heard the same story over and over again: people had a difficult, unexpected circumstance come up and got to a place where they couldn’t pay their rent, got evicted, and became homeless. Our founders pooled together funding to give it to people when they needed it most, to keep them in their homes.

Over 20 years later, Jesse Tree remains true to our original mission: to prevent eviction and homelessness by supporting our neighbors at risk of housing loss, empowering them to stay in their homes.

When our founders came up with the idea to prevent homelessness, they did national research to see if anyone else was already doing the work. They found an organization called Jesse Tree in Galveston, Texas, visited them, and brought their programs back to Boise, Idaho. Although Jesse Tree is a secular organization, “Jesse Tree” is the genealogical tree of Jesus in the Bible.




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