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Glen Allen Project

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The Glen Allen Project or GAP is a legacy project for a local man named Glen Allen. Glen was a talented builder, collector, and musician who was deeply engaged with artists and other makers throughout Pocatello until he passed away in March of 2021.


Using a community design model, the GAP steering committee is working in tandem with his family to perpetuate Glen’s love and support of local makers by creating a mobile makerspace that will promote art as industry and art in problem solving. This means the space will strive to teach creatives the basics of running a business, and connect artists to marketplace buyers, as well as help educators create hands-on programming that encourages learners of all ages to ask questions, learn to fail forward and create without boundaries.


In honor and memory of Glen, our mission is to be a space where people create, produce, heal and connect. The core values we hope to embody through the realization of this project are collaboration, innovation, belonging, and entrepreneurship. Our vision for the GAP is that we will be systems leaders for a vibrant art ecosystem in Pocatello and a model for others to build on.  


Idaho Partners for Good supports the Glen Allen Project’s vision and is pleased to serve as fiscal sponsor for the GAP.  We invite you to join us in supporting this emerging collaborative with your time, talent and financial contributions.

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