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Unleash the Beast

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Are you looking for an environment where people are unleashed into their most authentic, powerful selves and charged with changing the world? And, are you ready to focus your unique gifts, talents, experiences, relationships and connections with people who aren’t afraid to fail in order to change the trajectory of nonprofits in our community?

Every person has something valuable to contribute to their community regardless of their income, zip code, age or ethnicity. We believe we have a responsibility to help change the world while focusing on values and behaviors that are human centered.

Idaho Partners for Good will use our time, talent and treasure wisely, while coupling it with the power of networks, relationships, diverse perspectives and shaking loose mindsets that have held people and conditions in place historically.

If you’re looking for a place to apply your treasure & talents in the following ways then there’s a place for you here.

  • Engaged Philanthropy: We invest human & financial capital in Investees. We lead by example & honor unique & diverse contributions. 

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: We have a bias toward action and innovate responsibly to achieve leveraged results. We take calculated risks to learn, we adapt as needed & push against good to get to great! Note: We create environments of openness to challenge & debate respectfully. 

  • Lifelong Learning: We are educated, informed, effective, life-long givers.  We encourage intellectual inquiry which allow for all levels of thinking & we ask good questions.

  • Collective Action: We welcome diverse perspectives and engage with transparency to leverage the power of collective effort & collaboration. We build trust and listen without judgment so people are heard and can engage authentically. 

  • System Solutions: We address causes of problems vs. symptoms. We fund organizations with a high probability for systemic & sustained change.

  • Mutual Respect through Human-Centered Design: We involve ‘end users’ impacted by a process or problem to help co-design solutions. We learn with & respect our Investees.

  • Accountability & Results: We seek inclusive excellence by being strategic, prepared and follow through.  We are accountable & document results. 

Ready to unleash the beast? That's you as a Partner reaching your full potential doing good that lasts beyond you!

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