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Nonprofit highlight: Treasure Valley Children's Theater

Vision Statement

With a contagious enthusiasm for arts education, Ms.Terenzio envisions a future for TVCT where creativity knows no bounds. In a recent statement, she expressed her excitement about the role: "I am absolutely thrilled to join Treasure Valley Children's Theater as the Executive Director. This is an incredible opportunity to combine my passion for the performing arts with my commitment to youth development and community engagement. Together with the talented team at TVCT, I am confident that we can inspire young hearts, ignite imaginations, and create lasting memories through the magic of theater."

Mission Statement

TVCT is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers youth and inspires future innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, humanitarians, and artists through quality performing arts experiences.

We believe theater arts programs have a powerful impact on the health and success of a community. Performing arts experiences offer youth a BRAVE SPACE* within which to take risks, explore new ideas, develop their sense of self, express themselves, and support others in doing the same. Art education programs also build a climate of high expectation, discipline, and academic rigor that attracts businesses and strengthens community.

Issues Treasure Valley Children's Theater Addresses

Confidence, Self Esteem, Empathy, Character Building

In the next 10 years...

TVCT will open the Star Garnet Studio at the Overland Park Shopping Center, located off Overland and Cole Roads in west Boise in the Spring of 2024. The move to this new facility marks a strategic leap forward for TVCT’s collaboration opportunities. The organization aims to establish stronger ties with local schools, community groups, and other arts organizations, fostering a vibrant network that encourages artistic exchange and growth.

In addition to the artistic and educational benefits, the new facility is strategically located to better serve the Treasure Valley community. Its accessibility and central location make it easy for families and audiences from across the region to participate in programs and attend performances hosted at the Star Garnet Studio.

We hope that this is only the beginning of our ability to reach more Treasure Valley families. We never want cost or accessibility to be an issue, so we will continue to seek out ways to connect with Treasure Valley Youth and their families.

Why Treasure Valley Children's Theater would be a good fit for Idaho Partner for Good's approach?

Over the years, the organization has flourished, touching the lives of countless children and families through its exceptional educational programs and productions. Now, with the impending move to a new facility, TVCT is poised to take its mission to even greater heights. TVCT needs to raise about $80,000 to support the renovation and improvement costs associated with the move to the Star Garnet Studio.

This is a pivotal time for TVCT as we make this huge leap. We know our mission is strong, and our success over the past decade has been humbling. But now more than ever, we need assistance to make sure we go about this next chapter with all the best heads working together!

Thank you!!

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