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Nonprofit highlight: Nampa Family Justice Center

Vision Statement

Offering education, services, and resources through community collaboration and purposeful engagement to raise awareness about the impact of abuse.

Mission Statement

To provide services that promote safety, self-sufficiency, hope, and healing to those affected by abuse.

Issues Nampa Family Justice Center Addresses

A holistic approach for serving victims of abuse (ex., housing, counseling, medical, case management, emergency needs).

In the next 10 years...

Nampa Family Justice Center has plans to expand its services to add emergency housing, transitional housing, and more onsite services to close the gaps for those trying to escape abuse. They are moving in a direction that intentionally identifies the needs of their clients and looks for ways to support those needs from one location, allowing them to make the process easier for those who are dealing with crises and trauma.

Why Nampa Family Justice Center would be a good fit for Idaho Partner for Good's organizational effectiveness grant approach

Because of the programs that operate through the Nampa Family Justice Center, there is a need for funds to provide safe housing options and resources for our clients. The organization also has an amazing Camp Hope program that includes camp and year-round mentoring for children who are affected by abuse. The consulting would be beneficial as they look to expand their capacity to serve the community.

Additional Information

The Nampa Family Justice Center has 11 on-site partners under one roof, enabling them to serve victims of abuse in a holistic manner. They walk alongside each individual, providing safety planning, education, counseling, groups, case management, and many other services to help these families navigate extremely difficult and abusive situations while on their road to healing.

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