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Nonprofit Highlight: JEMFriends

Vision Statement

JEMfriends envisions that all at-risk youth, including those aging out of foster care, has the opportunities to thrive in a society that understands their adversities and supports them in becoming loving adults.

Mission Statement

JEMfriends Mission…

…to provide stability and opportunities for at-risk youth.

…to introduce them to Jesus Christ the source of hope.

…to spread knowledge about these youth.

…to facilitate connections that create friendship, community, and growth.

Issues JEM Friends Addresses

JEMfriends supports at-risk youth in Boise, Idaho, and the surrounding Treasure Valley. We emphasize helping youth who have been impacted by foster care, but other at-risk youth facing significant barriers to independence are also assisted.

In the next 10 years...

In the next 10 year JEMfriends would be supporting 25 youth (annually) on their journeys to independence. We would desire to be leaders in bring business together to create employment training and development opportunities.

Why JEMfriends would be a good fit for Idaho Partner for Good's approach

JEMfriends is a good fit for youth grant because we are driven to increase our effectiveness in order to increase the capacity we have to serve more of Idaho's youth. We would have an effective module we could use to support other establishing similar organizations in other graphical area's of our State. Lastly, our team is learners and very invested in seeing JEMfriends growth.

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