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How to Address the Lack of Great Leadership

Everyone has at least one horror story about a leader who did them wrong. Most have multiple personal stories of poor leadership, which often get shared widely and affects that organization's reputation and bottom line.

Why are poor leaders found everywhere? It’s because most companies and organizations do not invest in developing leaders with ongoing intentionality. In my 40+ years of working with different types of organizations, I’ve found a common theme permeating them all; leadership makes or breaks a company and its people. I’ve seen this leadership vacuum in government, family-owned businesses, start-ups, private foundations, corporations, and nonprofits.

Consider these questions for a moment. Does your company or organization have a competent leadership team? How would you know for sure?

It begins with assessing competencies around what they know and what they need to learn, their ability to build and maintain trust and culture, and their dispositional qualities (self-awareness, empathy, daily habits, etc.).

Here’s how you can build your leadership team:

Assess the Leadership from the Top Down

A recent podcast I listened to titled The 8 Habits of Great Leaders reminded me that an organization's highest leadership greatly influences its teams. It matters how they show up daily. The habit we all need to cultivate more of is “You First” leadership, meaning you lead by example and habits as the leader. I believe great leaders succeed over time because they focus on others and how they can best support them. How can we support your leadership?

Join the Transformational Leadership Cohort

In 2023, we are piloting the Transformational Leadership Cohort. This allows us to test a 3-month/3-organization/3 themes approach to building nonprofit leadership teams. We have a limited amount of space in this Cohort. This ensures the training, coaching, and resourcing of the three systems leaders for them and their organizations. There are three themes that the Transformational Leadership Cohort will explore: leadership, fund development, and process improvement.

For more information on joining or how you can help fund the Transformational Leadership Cohort, send an email to

Hire the Impact Team

Idaho Partners for Good also has highly skilled and certified leadership development trainers ready to deploy on your company’s behalf. They will come alongside your leadership team to assess, help design action plans for each team member, and provide training and resourcing to help develop the core competencies needed to be a great leader. Schedule a free consultation and send an email to

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