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Boise Bicycle Project Gets CRM Update

We have some amazing pro-bono consultants that come alongside our grantees. Case and point, Dr. Tom Gattiker is co-leading the work with the Boise Bicycle Project. The Boise Bicycle Project is in the last year of our adventure toward greater sustainability and strong infrastructure through education, resourcing, unrestricted funding, mentoring, and consulting.

The work in 2023 has focused on a key element of any nonprofit’s infrastructure, its Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). This system is how an organization manages its contacts. It’s part of what makes organizational leaders pull their hair out and keep them up at night. Why? A nonprofit rises and falls on its contact lists. If they can't manage their relationships from a tech perspective, they won't be able to maximize their donor/volunteer relationships. The complexity of CRM’s the bane of most small-to-midsize businesses too.

Idaho Partners for Good has been co-designing the backend of the Idaho Gives campaign for the Boise Bicycle Project with Tim Glaza, their Development Director. The database has been cleaned up, and reports have been developed to help them know what kind of outreach works best and provide more granular information on their donors. Next, we will help build their training and education process so that when new people come in, they have a roadmap ready to guide them.

When Tom’s not volunteering with Idaho Partners for Good or teaching courses at Boise State University, you’ll find him in the backcountry. He and his son, Will, completed the Idaho Wilderness Trail, a rugged 300-mile stretch across the state. If you’re an outdoor junkie like Tom, he is hosting a webinar on the evening (6 pm) of May 10, where they will discuss topics like resupply logistics, weather, rattlesnakes and bears, and other helpful information for intrepid adventurers. Register here

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