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6 Nonprofit Fundraising Tips: Mastering Donor Relations

Nonprofit organizations are an essential part of society as they aim to improve the lives of individuals and communities. However, running a nonprofit requires ongoing funds to accomplish the organization's mission and goals.

Regarding fundraising, communication plays a crucial role in ensuring success. One important asset that organizations need to tap into is video. In today's digital age, video is a powerful tool to convey your organization's message and showcase its impact. Life's Kitchen, a nonprofit organization based in Boise that we supported with over $50,000 in pro bono consulting provides some great video examples on their YouTube channel. They have created impactful videos that resonate with their donors and supporters.

Donor relations are also a critical component of fundraising strategy. As a nonprofit organization, it is essential to establish strong relationships with your donors and potential supporters. Here are important tips from our fundraising expert and Impact Team member, Roma Bose to keep in mind when preparing for a meeting with a donor:

Do your research.

Identifying donors that align with your organization's mission and goals is essential. This will ensure that you target the right individuals or organizations that are more likely to support your cause.

Find the right person to connect with.

Identify the person most likely to be interested in your organization and who has the decision-making power to support your cause.

Customize your email and subject line.

A personalized and engaging email can increase your chances of getting a response from your donor.

Give donors context that is of interest to them.

Tailor your presentation to your donor's interests and goals and highlight the impact that their support can make.

Go in pairs.

Bringing two representatives from your organization to the meeting provides diverse perspectives about your mission and impact. It also helps ensure that someone can take notes during the meeting.

Know who is going to make the "ask" and how.

It is essential to clearly understand who will make the donation request and how it will be made.

Roma Bose is a member of the Idaho Partners for Good Impact Team. The Idaho Partners for Good Impact Team provides deep expertise in strategic planning, database implementation/management, technology systems, education initiatives, capital campaigns, HR, copywriting, DE+I, and training to help companies and organizations have greater impact and long-term sustainability. Email to schedule a discovery call with the Impact Team!

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