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Partners & capacity Builders

Grantee Nomination Process

Nominations were open from June 20th - July 8th.

Now closed

This process is designed for Partners to nominate a nonprofit they believe is a good fit for the Idaho Partners for Good model of organizational effectiveness grants (unrestricted renewable grant + capacity building services).  The nominator should be able to answer the following questions with a high level of certainty.

The Nomination Criteria for 2022 are:
- 1 nomination per contributing member
- Nonprofit must be located in and serve the Treasure Valley
- Priority will be given to nonprofits that serve within the United Way’s top 6 community priorities:
*Affordable Housing
*Wages and Job Availability
*Cost of living (Childcare, Transportation, Housing)
*Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Substance Abuse
*Access to health care
*Education (includes early childhood education)


potential grantees

Nominee Application Process

Applications open from July 25 - August 19.

We are glad youʻre here and want to participate in designing long-term solutions for greater impact and sustainability for your organization! This organizational effectiveness grant model is new to Idaho but has been around for more than twenty years in other parts of the USA.
Set aside 1-2 hours to complete the google form. If you step away you will need to begin your application again. 


Background: IP4G is more than a funder, we offer unrestricted grants coupled with technical assistance for up to 3 years. Our capacity builders come alongside our grantees for up to 3 years to help ensure their operations and infrastructure are effective and sustainable. 


How does the grant work?

An organizational effectiveness* grant ($15K per year + technical assistance) will be awarded to a nonprofit grantee for up to 3 years. Once a grantee is selected, hereʻs what happens:

  • Key staff (executive, program, board, etc.) at the grantee organization completes the McKinsey Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) to help uncover strengths and improvement opportunities.

  • The IP4G Evaluation Team analyzes the results of the OCA to identify priorities. These priorities drive the co-design of a 12-month action plan.

  • IP4G deploys Co-leads who co-design a 12-month action plan with the grantee.  Once we know where to focus our efforts we deploy Capacity Builders with deep expertise to come alongside, as needed.

  • There are monthly alignment meetings between the grantee and co-leads to keep things moving.

  • Around the 9th month, the co-leads work with our grantee to submit a year-one report (logic model) to the IP4G Evaluation Team. Note: The Evaluation Team helps design tools and provides resources with the grantee, as requested.

  • The Evaluation Team makes a recommendation to the IP4G Board for the following year's funding ($15K).  A new 12-month action plan is developed and implemented.

  • This happens for one more year, if needed to ensure the gains are embedded, and the culture has time to shift to support the changes.

Organization Effectiveness definition: There is no one definition since one’s organizational context differs from another. Effectiveness can revolve around the degree to which an organization accomplishes its goals, satisfies its stakeholders, has the resources it needs to operate, or creates societal or environmental impact. Wikipedia describes it as “the degree to which organizations achieve the goals they have decided upon. Among those are talent management, leadership development, organization design and structure, design of measurements and scorecards, implementation of change and transformation, deploying smart processes and innovative technology to manage the firms' human capital, and the formulation of the broader Human Resources agenda.” 


Potential grantees have these characteristics

  • Annual budget between $250K-$1M

  • They are a systems leader in the sector, community, state, and/or nation

  • Working towards inclusion and equity

  • The organization is ready for the heavy lift of capacity building


Strategies for a successful application

Before you begin, do the following: 

  • Gain the full backing of your Board for this journey

  • Give yourself at least 2 hours to complete the application and submit all documents

  • Make sure you have access to electronic versions of your IRS 990 form and most recent Annual Report


When you have completed the application, please submit the following documents as attachments to

Your subject line should be "Applicant Document Submission."

  • A Cover Letter signed by the Executive Director and Board of Directors with a statement about why and how your organization might benefit from IP4G Organizational Effectiveness grants for up to 3 years. Also, address how you know whether or not your organization is meeting its mission.

  • Your most recent Annual Report that includes your annual budget information

  • 2021 IRS 990 form 

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Past Grantee:
Boise Bicycle Project

Boise Bicycle Project had its lowest staff turnover and one of its best financial years after support from Idaho Partners for Good. 

"This project really helped us address a lot of the issues we were facing, and now that we have those things dialed in we will be able to take some of the next steps to grow, instead of just skipping over them and facing problems down the road." Jimmy Hallyburton, Executive Director

Together we can do hard things like transform our community by helping create stronger, healthier, and better equipped nonprofits! 

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