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Privacy and Email Policy 

Idaho Partners for Good (IP4G) values and respects the privacy of all those we connect with. Our policy is to protect any information shared with us. This is the type of information IP4G collects, why we collect it, and how it is protected internally. We collect information from our Partners, Sponsors, and Participants all of whom we consider our community.

What information does Idaho Partners for Good collect?

When you register for an event or make a donation:

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • Your organization’s name

  • Your contact information, such as phone number, fax number, and address 

  • Your credit card information, such as card number, type, and expiration date


When you visit our web site :

  • Our website is built on the WIX platform and makes use of Google Analytics. This will discretely track your activity with some cookies.

  • This kind of information also includes things like the type of device or browser used; how long (on average) visitors spend on the site or app; or roughly where in the world our visitors are coming from. These data points are never used to identify the visitor or anyone else in Google Analytics.

  • Note: users may opt out of cookie tracking by selecting the cookie policy at bottom of the web page and declining all.

What does Idaho Partners for Good do with your information?

Internally, any financial information you provide via the event registration section on our website is used for billing purposes related to the event for which you’ve registered. The IP4G does not keep any financial information on file manually or electronically. 

Basic contact information (e.g. name, organization’s name, organization’s address, phone, email address, and fax) is considered an asset of IP4G. This Basic contact information is not shared outside of IP4G internal business practice at this time.

Individuals may choose to opt out of this list by contacting IP4G at or by US postal mail at P.O. Box 190056 Boise, ID 83719.

The IP4G maintains a policy to not disclose any financial information.

What information will Idaho Partners for Good send you?

Email notifications are reserved for Idaho Partners for Good programs. Our community and network look to IP4G for advocacy, advice, resources and education. We honor their trust and are careful to minimize the number of emails sent.

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