Giving is a way of life for you. The way you care for others transcends income, ethnicity and zip code. While as Idahoans we've done a tremendous amount of good with our giving, it has fallen short of solving the human & environmental issues that keep our communities from truly thriving.  


So what's the solution?  Idaho Partners for Good!

  • What is Idaho Partners for Good? Together we invest human & financial capital in Idaho nonprofits with the desire & ability for outsized community impact.


  • What do we do and how will we do it? This isn't 'business as usual'. Our funding & capacity building model assesses the grantees needs, we co-design an outcomes-based work plan, and contribute expertise and social capital for up to three years to improve the grantee's performance. 

  • How does this new model support the good work of Idaho nonprofits? Idahoans care deeply for their community. We provide unrestricted operating funds, skilled (free) consultants and training opportunities. This allows nonprofits to develop core competencies, management practices, strategies and systems to enhance their effectiveness so they do more of what they do best.


  • How do you contribute to this work? Fill out the contact form to find out more. Use the Be a Partner button to join us. Or, email info@idahopartners4good.org.  Also, interact on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook. When you give to IP4G, we amplify your gift. We multiply the time, talent, and treasure entrusted to us by 4x.


  • Who’s already in? Our Board of Directors are Idaho business, nonprofit, academic and entrepreneurial leaders working to create a more just, sustainable world with fair opportunities for all! 

Together we can do hard things like transform our community!